Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sabrina Jokes

Looking back, I feel bad that we have so many funny things documented that Celia said, but hardly anything with Sabrina.  And Sabrina has the comedic timing down.

How did the sausage in the bottle cross the street with no house and no tree?
They rode on an apple with no wheels!

How could the chip cross the road?
He could walk!

How did the chip cross the road?
He used a telescope because he has a face on his back!

How did the telescope cross the road without any carpets or surfboards?
The penguin tried the ice surfboard.
Celia's response: "That sounded like a different joke than the one you started working on."  You see, Celia's jokes always try to make sense, so they end up not being very funny.  Her example:
How did the asparagus get big?
It had the growing power and grew big, big, big, big.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sabrina "Naptime": Elf Under the Mattress?

Have I mentioned I love having a video camera in the girls' room?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celia and Sabrina: December Art

The monthly installment you've all been waiting for!  The December art created by the Stock ladies.  

In December, we had a straggler fairy.  Her name is Sadie, as you can tell.  I was supposed to cut off everything to her right because it was all a mess-up.  But I think Celia's mess-ups are quite artistic, so I kept it.  Shhh.  Don't tell.  

Then we had our Christmas series.  I like these ones.  The manger scene, Mary on the donkey, and the angel and star.  

Celia made a few family pictures this month including Caleb (who's not born yet, of course).  In this one, Caleb is a little kid.  Sabrina is saying "mommy" and I'm responding to my kids "wah wah wah wah wah..." a la Charlie Brown, I imagine.  I always know just what to say.

This is a picture of all of us (without Tom) again.  The one that looks like Caleb to the left is actually me, with Caleb sitting in the blue Bumbo behind me.  Celia and Sabrina are thinking about hearts... and their names.

I think their last name is Looman.  And I think their names are Angelica and Sally (those are the current names Celia picks for everything).

 I frankly have no idea what this is.  But I think Grandma is bringing the girls some sort of treat if I remember correctly.

I asked Celia about this after Sunday School.  She said Sabrina is giving her something.  I asked her how that made her a good example and she was like "I don't know."  And then Sabrina said: "That's not me."  When Celia assured her that it was, Sabrina said: "That's not me.  Where's my glasses?"  Then Celia was all embarrassed about how she forgot Sabrina's glasses.  It was funny.

Celia is really into doodle books where they give you a prompt and you make the rest of the picture.  She got some for her birthday last year from Grandma and Grandpa and is almost finished with those.  Nana and Papa gave her some new ones for Christmas.  This is a page in one of those.  So, here's the mermaid.  Behind her is her bottle of pink hair dye.  That's a chest of drawers with a sink in front of her.  It has a basket full of red shells to put in her hair.  She's holding one of the shells from the basket because she is about to put it in her hair.  

So what has Sabrina been up to?  She drew some awesome giraffes.  I love these guys.

This is a giraffe with a person, I think.

 This one is funny.  I was getting the Christmas letter together and I wanted to put something in from Sabrina.  I asked her if she wanted to draw a picture of herself or baby Caleb.  She got all excited about drawing a picture of Caleb.  Then she was very serious drawing this.  When she was finished, I said: "That's baby Caleb?" and she said "No, mommy, it's a purple pony!"

 This one is technically not December because she just drew it yesterday, but I wanted to include it because she was practicing glasses.  They look good.  

In other news, Celia has become even more of a reader, if you can imagine.  Over the school break, I gave her Charlotte's Web.  She read the whole thing in her room in three days and told me all about it.  Then I gave her Mouse and a Motorcycle.  Again, she finished it in three days in her room and is now working on the second one in the series: Runaway Ralph.  Every morning, she tells me all about what's happening in her book.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014


This is the last post of our trip back east in October. We spent a couple days at the Smithsonian, mostly in the American History museum, and a little at the Natural History museum. The favorite exhibit, which we weren't allowed to take pictures of, was the Star Spangled Banner: the flag that flew over Fort McHenry in the War of 1812 and inspired the national anthem. It's nicely laid out in its own exhibit in a low-light setting where no photography is permitted. We ended up walking through it 6 or 7 times because the girls kept wanting to go back and see it again. 

Aside from that we saw a whole bunch of other cool stuff, some of which is shown below, selected in no particular order of interest or importance. Some of the first exhibits we saw were Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, and Kermit the Frog.

They had a sunstone from the original Nauvoo temple.

Weeks later when we were back home Celia started asking in-depth questions about the sunstone at dinner. The conversation went something like this:
Celia: "Why did the museum have a sunstone from the temple?"
Us: "Well, the temple fell down, but someone saved a sunstone."
Celia: "Why did the temple fall down?"
Us: "Well, some bad people lit the temple on fire, and then a tornado knocked the rest of it down"
Celia: "Why did they only take one sunstone?"
Us: "Maybe the other ones got broken, or maybe there are other ones in other museums."
Celia: "What other museums?"
Us: "I don't know, the Church has museums, maybe they have one."
Celia: "Did they choose the one that was the least broken to show in the museum?"
Us: "I don't know, maybe."
Celia: "Did they all get broken except the one in the museum?"
Us: "No, I think there are some other ones."
Celia: "Then why does the museum only have one?"
Us: "Maybe the people who took the stone to give it to the museum could only take one."
Celia: "Why could they only take one?"
Us: "Maybe because stones are really heavy and hard to move."
Celia: "Well, why didn't the people die when they got the sunstones?"
At this point we were quite confused and didn't know what she was talking about. After a few more minutes of back-and-forth questions we realized that she thought the people who took the sunstone were at the temple when it fell down and so they would have been killed when the temple stones fell on them. We explained that they would have gone later, after all the stones had fallen down, to get the sunstone, after which we decided we were all done talking about sunstones and laid the subject of sunstones to rest.

Back at the museum, Sabrina got to be the president.

Celia and Marel got to wait with a jolly man at a mockup train depot.

At the Natural History museum the girls wanted a picture with the T-rex fossils. Apparently so did this dorky guy.

They also wanted a picture with a woolly mammoth, accompanied by cousin Jack.

They also liked the prehistoric moose.

Celia thought the meteorites were really cool and she wanted her picture taken with all of them.

As we were leaving the Smithsonian we realized it was the last day we were going to spend in downtown Washington and we also realized we hadn't yet taken any pictures of us by the capitol building, so we ran out on the lawn of the National Mall and took a few quick family photos with the capitol in the background. We didn't really want to go any closer to it since it had already been a long day of walking and the metro station was in the other direction, plus it was windy and cold. But all things considered we had a good trip.

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