Friday, May 30, 2014

Celia and Sabrina: Art (April/May)

This artwork post catches us up to the end of the school year.  As per usual, all captions are from the artist (with additions in parentheses by me).

This is a picture I drew that I drew when it was going to be Family Dancing Night on May 3.  It actually probably was a dancing party.  (There was a family dancing night at the Church.  As soon as they announced it in primary, Celia came home and drew this to remind us all and put it on our fridge.)

This is a peacock and a bird standing by a coconut tree.

This is a part of "Going on a Bear Hunt" show.  She's holding some fake grass and that's a fake sneeze.  And the disco ball comes a little later in the show.  It comes when they're going through a snow blizzard.  (Her class went to see "Going on a Bear Hunt" performed at a theater downtown for a field trip.)

This is a swimming pool for 6 kids and up.  The kid that is in the swimming pool is 6 and looks like me but it is not actually me.  (You can tell by the following several pictures, Celia is super excited to go swimming... which for us only happens at the hotel in Minneapolis.)

This is a diving board and the girl is jumping into the water.  She's about 12 years old.

This is a human horse swimming in a swimming pool.  He went down the water slide.

This is swimming summer Olympics.  I didn't actually know what the Hawaiian flag was, so I drew that instead.  See the three medals with the question marks?  The question marks ask which one you're going to get.

Water slide again!  This is for 8 and up.  That girl in the swimming pool is about 10 years old.

This is a very weird looking cat.  It has tons of wings, a weird looking tail, tons of weird looking feet, and she's listening to the song "Let it Go" on her headphones.

This is a fairy named Camanthala (Samantha-la).  She has a dog named Kristiey (Kristy).

This is Anna and Elsa.  Anna is on one side of the door singing "Do you want to build a snowman?"  Elsa is on the other side of the door where she wants to be because she never wants to hurt Anna again.

This is Jumping Jill, one of my schools alpha friends.  The J one of course.

This is the swimming fairy about to go swimming in some water.  The little hills on the picture are not part of the picture.  They look like a tree, but they're not a tree.  They're little crinkles on the paper.  Those are wet towels on the hooks (on the left).

This is a mermaid I onetime drew from my "Funky Things to Draw Book."  The mermaid in my "Funky Things to Draw" book is from Fantasy.  There's a Mummy in fantasy too.

These are two of my green bears.  I always bring green bears home, so I love to make crafts with them all the time.

This is an angel.  This is the rainbow angel.  She has a drawstring bag.  Do you see it?  She's holding it.  It's sparkly.  She is carrying a pet kitten in it.

This is one of my inventions. I'm deciding to make this when I grow up to be an inventor.  This is a letter maker.  This makes letters of different colors and shapes.  If you want to make half a heart and half a rectangle, you use two of them together.

This is a sign I made because I wanted a loose tooth.  (She's been really obsessed with getting a loose tooth after seeing some of her friends loose teeth and reading a Junie B. Jones book about loosing a tooth.)

(Another note I got from school.)

This is the flower fairy.

And now for Sabrina...

This is Celia and me and Daddy and you walking in the sun.  

This is me with purple hair and when I was outside standing on the street with my shoes.

This is a bear family which is on the street under the sky.

Also, for Easter, we did a "draw your favorite story about Jesus" activity one evening.  I made dinner while they drew.  Celia drew Jesus being born, Tom drew the cast your net story, and Sabrina drew... Jesus...?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Celia: Art (March)

We're a bit behind on the scanning of the artwork from school, so here is the collection from March.  The first one is a note I got from Celia in her backpack.  I love that she is uninhibited now with her writing.  The rest, as always, are captioned by Celia (with additions by me in parentheses).  

This is Sophia the princess.  The floor is an Earth.  See one of the islands with a volcano surrounding it?

This is Elsa singing "Let it Go" in her ice palace.

This is Super Man and Super Woman.  The tower with a person in it shows a sign when they need that superhero.

This is Super Girl when she first is new in the superhero group.  (The thing to the left gets their superhero sign on their shirt.)

This is Hilare (Hilary) the Jazz Fairy with Kerste (Kirsty) and Rachle (Rachel).

This is a butterfly human.  See that flower?  That is one of her friend's houses.

This is a fairy queen that used to be a butterfly.  See the antennas she has?

This is what I first thought the "Hats" show looked like.   The arrow with Ben and Kanae at the top of them are pointing to Ben and Kanae.  Kanae is one of my best friends. (She was in a show called "Hats" at school in March.  This will eventually be blogged about as well...)

This is me running from someone who always pushed people down to the ground.  See the joke?  The joke says: "When did the Zebra cross the road?  When the cars stopped!" (She did, in fact, mean for it to say "stooped" because she thought that's what made the joke funny... saying a silly word... but then we all read it to be "stopped" and laughed, so she told me to just say that it said "stopped.")

This is a machine fairies used to use when a fairy got their thing--whatever they're in charge of--back from the goblins.  The goblins are not very nice people.

This is the rain fairy.  She just got her umbrella back from the goblins.  She is only flying home, so she doesn't quite have her medal yet.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celia: Dinosaur Art

Celia's last day of school was Thursday.  I'll post a cute picture of her and everything later, but right now I have to face the most pressing issue in my house: GIANT DINOSAUR PAPERS EVERYWHERE!  It's the end of the school year and the kindergarten teachers decided to see just how loving we as mothers are.  We're up to our chins in artwork and school work, our house is a disaster because we're also juggling everything else happening in our lives, and they decide the last two weeks of school is the perfect time to send home the LARGEST THINGS THEY'VE EVER DONE!  If these came home in September, I think they would have proudly hung all year, but now?  We're drowning over here!  And, if you haven't read it, I am in total agreement with the Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.  It's hilarious.  And oh so true.  So... here we are, taking pictures of every single page of these darling works of art so they can be saved for all time and the actual monsters may go straight to recycling (to turn into more brilliant works of art come August that I can hang up and dote upon in my highly organized house with all of my back to school resolution).  

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