Friday, August 3, 2012

Sabrina: Potty Trained?

Ha!  Probably not.  We haven't even tried with her (she is still quite young).  But she asks to sit on the potty a lot.  And today she sat down on the potty and "got her wet out" as Celia says.  So... I'm going to claim her as a child prodigy.  And we'll pretend it's not a fluke.

Oh, and Sabrina's new thing is going to Zumba.  Several times a day, she'll say: "Bye-bye mommy."  And I'll say: "Where are you going?"  She always says "Ooo-Ba!" (which is how she says "Zumba" when I go to zumba).  She also thinks daddy goes to Zumba everyday instead of work.  "Daddy ooo-ba?"  "No, silly, daddy's at work."  "Oh.  ... No.  Daddy Ooo-ba."

(PS - I know I'm behind on blogging.  I only seem to blog when it's something I'm afraid I'll forget.  We're in the middle of several projects around here right now and taking advantage of the summer sun.  Oh, and lately we're watching the olympics every night until 11.)

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