Sunday, December 7, 2014

Caleb: 10 Months

This has been an exciting month for little Caleb He now officially crawls and pulls himself up on everything. It happened slowly and meticulously. He never really got around by rolling around and he never tried to do an Army crawl or anything. He would get himself into crawling position and work hard. Eventually, he could move forward, and now he’s just jet-setting all over. As always, Caleb is a happy, easy going guy. He still flirts with everyone. Caleb has always been very aware of a smile. I could keep my entire body and face exactly the same, but smile, and when he was quite young, he would smile back. It was funny. Now, he loves to tilt his head to the side and smile like he’s pretending to be shy. He has also learned to wave in the past few days and he thinks it’s the greatest thing. He gets excited and flaps his arms. Everytime we pass a mirror, he gets really excited and starts waving and smiling. His schedule is the same. He sleeps from 8-8 or 9 and wakes up to eat for just a few minutes between 5-6:30. He naps twice during the day for a total of 2-3 hours (each nap length varies) usually about two hours after he wakes up in the morning and then again about 2.5 hours after he wakes up from his first nap. He sleeps with just his legs swaddled and a light blanket over him, which he loves to pull up and rub into his eyes to fall asleep. When I go get him when he wakes up, he’s often in crawling position with a binky in his mouth and a blanket on his back. He eats a blend of banana applesauce in the morning, 5 ice cubes or 1 pouch of veggie baby food for lunch (depending on if we’re home or out and about) and then a giant bowl of applesauce oatmeal for dinner with table food. He’s still not great with table food, but we give him some. He does NOT like cheese or mandarin oranges. His favorite food ever is a 49er flapjack. He can eat those unassisted and very quickly. With everything else he’s eaten with his hands, he only eats 3 or 4 and then is done. We do feed him a bit of whatever we’re having for dinner, which he enjoys. He ate quite a bit of our smoked salmon chowder and loved it. The past week or so, he has been getting a bit clingy. He wants to explore a bit and then crawl back and hang on to the top of my shirt. But I love the cuddles. 

Disclaimer: I realize this whole blog has become the Caleb show, but I will get around to documenting all the other exciting things we did this year... but probably not until after Christmas.

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