Thursday, June 12, 2014

Caleb: Stats

As an update on the 4 month old, Caleb went to the doctor today.  He weighs 13lb 6oz (9%) and is 24.5" tall (18%) and has a 7% head.  And now you know.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Caleb: Four months

Our sweet little buddy is four months old now.  He's a little crack up.  He always looks away all coy when you make him smile.  And he still gets so excited sometimes he opens his mouths as wide as it will go and turns his head.  He's been laughing more.   Usually he laughs the most at night when he's getting his clothes off.  But the loudest we've ever heard him laugh was Memorial Day when he was in the backseat in his carseat between his sisters.  They were yelling something at their friends as we were loading up from a BBQ, and Caleb thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  You still really have to work him up to talking, but he does it more now.  Caleb also sneezes with ANY light.  The girls, like all babies, would sneeze when we went into the sun, but Caleb sneezes after just looking at the floor and then looking up.  It's funny.  As for measurements, we go to the doctor this week and will know more, but he's got the long torso that Tom and the girls have, so he's getting pretty close to growing out of his 3 months tops, but still fits in a few pairs of newborn pants.  He eats for 15-20 minutes around 9AM, 1PM, and 5PM. He spits up at least once in between feedings, but only a little bit usually and not nearly as often or as much as Sabrina used to. I nurse him before bed around 8:15-8:30 and he eats 30-35 minutes before sleeping.  He sleeps swaddled, with one arm out, and has become a total thumb sucker in the past month.  He still uses a binky, but I've gone in several times to find him sucking his thumb voraciously.  And he often just hangs out on our laps sucking his hand.  He's been sleeping from just before 9pm until about 9am, but he eats sometime between 3-6.  We can't hold him off anymore like we used to.  Now he wakes up hungry.  And we usually have to go in a few times after around 7:30 to help him sleep until 9.  We're still experimenting on what works... haven't found a solution, but at least he's not totally awake for two hours at night like he used to be.  He naps during the day from 11-12:30ish and then again from 3-5.  About a week ago, he started to bat at toys and now he really goes at them.  He loves the playmat and will even spend about five minutes at a time in the exersaucer (thanks Vickie!).  He's still a really easy baby.  He doesn't like to be ignored, but as long as he's where the action is, he's happy.  And he's still super consolable.  If he starts crying, he just wants a change of scene and then he's immediately happy again.  He still hasn't rolled over.  Maybe soon... we'll see.   

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