Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Rondy Time!

That's right folks... Fur Rondy started today. I have to say the royalty of Fur Rondy beats out any other fair royalty I've seen. And the pictures of the dog sled races are from Tom's office. Pretty sweet entertainment for a regular day at work in the office.

We're going to Rondy next Saturday... the last day of Rondy which happens to end with the Iditarod. So I'm sure you'll hear about that. A lot about that. I get kind of addicted...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, Celia, Sabrina and I went to a special Valentines playdate. Celia colored a heart, played hide-and-seek with the heart, and then put together her heart puzzle. She also frosted a rice krispie treat and added sprinkles and then ate it. Sabrina dressed like a pig and then hung out with her friend, Claire (who is 3 days younger than Sabrina). They held hands. Aw. Cute. Then Tom and I watched Watson (IBM's new computer/robot) kill Ken Jennings on Jeopardy. Good day all around.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celia Dailies: Spit up

Sabrina is a constant fountain. Just now she spit up all over. Celia said: "Oh spit up! You dribbled some on the floor, Sabrina. And on mommy's cutie little pants. Those are mommy's big cutie pants, Sabrina."

When I tried to clarify: "Are these my cutie little pants?" she said: "No, they're big." And I said: "But they're cute? You like them." She said : "Yeah. Cutie pants."

[In poop news, she used the potty again on Sunday two times, but then used her diaper on Monday, and has been holding poop in since telling me she's not going to use the potty. She wants to use "baby diapers."... hard to tell if there's any improvement...]


I was putting Celia down for her nap and she's been majorly holding those poopies in (and asked to go to bed). She made me read this book written by Dolly Parton (remember she gives us free books... I guess it's a way to give us her book for free, too). Anyway, it says something like: "When I am scared, the kids call me yellow. But I can look deep inside and be a brave fellow." Then we were saying prayers and I said: "Please bless Celia to not be scared and to get her poopies out" and Celia whispered loudly: "No! Say, 'Celia will be a brave fellow'" so I had to pray that Celia would be a brave fellow. Glad her eyes were closed because I was laughing a little.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Sledding

Last night, we (young men/young women... Tom stayed home with the sick kids) sledding here. (Thanks to the Stocks who took this picture when they were here in November.) It was too dark last night to see pretty much anything. It was pretty darn fun. Four of us leaders on a sled could really haul. And we got pretty darn close to hitting a tree a few times. The 14-year-old boys had an activity a few weeks ago where they made a "Skouch." It's a couch-like chair with skis they built on. And flashlight headlights. So they were excited to try it out on this big hill (the hill continues for quite awhile around that corner to the right in the picture). It actually did pretty well. It ran pretty straight. But it did have a bad habit of running straight into the trees and no amount of flashing the flashlights could stop it. Crazy boys. Wish we had pictures... but again, it was too dark to see anything (no lights here). Then we all enjoyed brownies and hot chocolate in the dark. I don't think I've ever been sledding down such a big hill in my life. It was pretty fun. And hiking back up was quite a workout...

In plague news: Celia is pretty much better except for the cough but still comes upstairs, gets a DVD off the shelf, puts it in, and looks at me with sad eyes and says: "I'm sick. Means I can watch a movie. I don't feel very well." Sabrina is still going downhill. Yesterday was miserable. She just cried and coughed. She wouldn't eat or sleep. I took her back into the doctor in the late afternoon. Sabrina was just leaning on my shoulder moaning until the doctor came in. Then she perked up immediately and was all smiles with the doctor. She's such a smiley baby. The doctor said she's going to keep getting worse before she gets better. She said the peak of the virus should be either today or tomorrow. I had to pump last night before going sledding and Tom fed her with a syringe and then a bottle to get some food into her because she's refused to nurse all day for more than one minute at a time. Everytime she tries to sleep, she wakes up hacking. Poor kid. I just wish it was Friday. Our days are really LONG when Sabrina doesn't eat or sleep. She still does pretty well at night (considering). She woke up about 4 times last night.

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