Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Art Gallery: Celia and Sabrina

 If you're new around here or have forgotten, my girls love to do art. We preserve them in art gallery form here on the blog where we scan them and they offer an artist's explanation of each one. Brace yourself. The gallery is quite full since we haven't done this all year!

First up, Celia:

This is the story of how I lost my first tooth. I was going to send it to Balo and Clara but I never got to. It must have dropped somewhere so that we forgot about it.  
 The front is a picture of the tooth fairy and a tooth party and the back, since I was going to send it to them before Disney World, I wrote "seeing you in Disney World" as you can see. The picture is a picture of me and Sabrina sleeping and outside the door, the tooth fairy taking the tooth and putting the gold coin in the bag.
This is a picture of pretty much something I made up. It's called "The America Flag Show" and first, a person dressed all in red, white, and blue comes out onto the field and raises the flag. As you can see, all the people are sitting in the color shirts of the benches. Any color that is not red, white, or blue... they're just scattered around... they sit anywhere they want.

 This is a picture of a fairy and a mermaid. The fairy is the buttercup fairy and the mermaid's name is Pearl. Pearl is holding a crab and the buttercup fairy is practicing for a show. A fairy show.
This picture is from one of the little commercials after General Conference and it shows about every year and I like it because it's funny. In the commercial, a dad and a boy are playing and they're pretending that their baby is a princess and so they climb the stairs which they're pretending is the stairs to the castle and then they open the door to the baby's bedroom where the mom is rocking the baby and then you can read what she's saying:

These are two animals that I made with my "Funky Things to Draw" book and I like my book because it has a bunch of details and it helps me draw stuff.

These are two girls. The one on the left side is from India and the one on the right side is an elf. I think they're really pretty so that's why I drew them. They are also from my "Funky Things to Draw" book.

 This mermaid is also from my "Funky Things to Draw" book and this mermaid was in the fantasy section. I drew the tail and her shirt and her hair but I didn't draw her skin. I thought this was going to be cool. A mermaid ghost!

These are a bunch of part from "Frozen Fever." "Frozen Fever" is about how Elsa gets sick on Anna's birthday. And so Elsa is sneezing tiny Olafs. These are my favorite parts of "Frozen Fever." The one that's on the string, it says "Dry Banana Hippy Hat" which Olaf spelled because earlier, he said "I can't read. Or spell" but he was supposed write "Happy Birthday, Anna." The picture that shows Anna and Elsa is when Anna just caught Elsa because Elsa had a fever. That's why it's called "Frozen Fever." The one that shows Kristoff and the cake is where Kristoff is trying to save the cake from the little tiny Olafs.

 This is a party that the toys are having. They're all named and Barbara is a doll and Billy Jo Bob is a disco ball and he's hanging from the ceiling because he has a suction cup on the top of the string which attaches him to the ceiling. And then Emma is a speaker and she's playing Yankee Doodle.

This is the "Play By the Rules" I did in school once. "Play by the Rules" is when the teacher tells you what to do and doesn't repeat it. So you really have to listen in "Play by the Rules."

 This is a map I made for Mommy's birthday. It's a treasure map and it has a red X-marks-the-spot on it so it stands out from the rest of the pencil on the map. The treasure was a bunch of paper cut up and a popped balloon. Seriously.

This is a card that I made for Mommy's birthday. As you can see, it says something awesome. I got the idea of making it into a card from Kalen's mom.

Now it's Sabrina's turn:

 This girl is in the forest. The sun is a little peeking in The yellow circle is the moon. And her name is Angelina as you see in the picture. One tree is growing blueberries.

 This guy's swimming with an airplane and there's snow as sand.
(Marel preface: This picture was done during "Art Class" which Celia and Sabrina have frequently where Celia teaches Sabrina how to draw.) This is a picture of an American flag show. In the sun, there's an A+. I did well. Except their skins are different colors and the whole drawing is a little different because I'm younger than her.

 This is Cinderella. One side is her at night and the other side is her in the morning. Can't you see how bright the yellow is?  (Marel: She writes all her numbers backwards!)

The mermaid is the gold pearl mermaid. The fairy is the fast-flying, water, and garden talent fairy and they're beautiful aren't they? I copied both of them from our drawing things book. It's fun drawing from it. And that's all I want to say.

This is a monster. It has a thing that holds a crown on it.

The blue one is Silvermist. The green one is Tinkerbell. The purple on is Vidia. And the red one is Rosetta. It's a sunny day. Iridessa made the sun so bright. As you can see, not all the fairies can fit in.

 The one that's up on the roof is the dad. And the two ones in a bed are the old teenager sisters. And the small one is the baby sleeping. And the one that's watching over the baby is the mom. And that's all I want to say.

 Elsa's falling into an ice pit. I know her hair's dyed pink and she has huge ice skates. There was a lot of snow that winter. It really hurt when she bonked her head on the ice.

This is Caleb. He's so happy. I know you can't really see his eyes and mouth and nose and his clothes. He's so happy. There's no picture of it but he's saying "hello" to me and Celia. He's like "Hi. Hi Celia. Hi Sabrina." And he's glad to see Mom and Dad again because a babysitter watched over him because we all had to go to school and Mom and Dad had to go to work (?).
 Sabrina: This, Celia drew. But I put in the strawberry that looks a little real. The strawberries are in that little bar. I know she didn't put the strawberries in. The bush is with raspberries on it. This is from a game. In this game is when somebody puts a small thing from a magazine on a paper. Somebody tries to make it into something else. And somebody else can't look what you're putting on. You just have to trade when you're done.
Celia: This is from Family Home Evening when we got magazines and then cut part of a picture out and glued it onto a piece of paper. Then we traded and I traded with Sabrina. I tried to figure out what it was and I remembered that it was something like this picture.
 This girl asked her mom if she could carefully set up a fireplace inside her house and roast lots of marshmallows at the same time. And she's thinking of making a marshmallow like a ghost. And she loves to make marshmallows into ghosts and she accidentally burned her whole entire neighborhood!

 The queen is the second oldest. The King is the first oldest. The baby is the smallest. The princess is the second to the smallest.

This is a little map of a castle and it's a castle of the King, Queen, and Princess and baby Princess's castle. Don't you see their spooky attic? They have a lovely house other than the attic!

This is a picture of a Pirate flag. One smiley. Two are yelly. And one's frowny.
 This is a picture of Elsa, the Mermaid. She's sitting on a rock to rest her body from swimming. Don't you see the stars in her hair?

 This is me and my Easter eggs. There's 30 eggs that I got from my treasure hunt! There's lots of candy in them. My basket was so full with Easter eggs and candy. Gosh! This basket is heavy! I got a crown because I found most of the eggs. ALL of the eggs! But I shared with Evelyn, Sophia, and Celia and the other friends that were there.
 This is a stained-glass window that I made at preschool. And I made it with all the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, and they turned into the secondary colors.

This is a bubble thing. I blew bubbles and then I popped them with the paper and all the bubbles came on them. B is for Bubbles. And blow.

This is an Easter egg I made a long, long, long time ago on last Easter. And there used to be a butterfly sticker right next to the bunny where the butterfly sticker is. Celia made one just like this but hers is a little better than this. 

This is a painting. It's just a painting. That circle with brown, green, and purple is a garden. The brown is dirt. The green is grass. The purple is painted bricks.

This is a school bus at Target. We don't know why it was there. But it was really funny. It was probably getting food or something for the class in case someone forgot their lunch. Like in Action Kid movie where he forgot his lunch. He dad yelled "You forgot your Lu-unch!"
 This is something I made at the museum at the Spark lab. Somebody helped me make it. It was going to be for Celia, but she didn't want it.

This is a heart that I gave to Mommy and Daddy. The orange is Mommy's favorite color. The yellow is Daddy's favorite color. 
 This is a painting with watercolor, pencil, and paint. The paint was watercolor paint. And one of the black is a heart. That's all I'm gonna say.

This is me and Celia. The tallest one is Celia. The lowest one is me, Sabrina. I painted this at preschool. I made lots of these things at preschool. My favorite part of preschool is the circle table. The mom is there to help the teachers and the teachers help the kids at the circle table. Whoever's mom comes to preschool is the helper. A few preschool days ago, it was my special day. My special day is going to be again on the same day as my birthday!
 This is a circle I also made at preschool with the primary colors: yellow, blue, and red.

This is Elsa, Olaf, and Anna. I know I didn't draw the background but they're at Anna's birthday. Anna's in the back taking a picture and I know I didn't draw her holding a phone.

This I also made at preschool. It says: Cindy Circle is my name, No matter how you turn me, I'm always the same. I traced some of these circles. And also some of them are glued on. Some of them are stickers.

This one is a guard. Or you can call it a knight. The other one is a princess. The other one is a mad scientist. The other one is a monster. This is also from Art school. I got an A+ for all of them. 
 This is Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. I don't know what the snake's name is, but she is a girl. The last one is Poe.

This is the cake pony. I made these pictures at Mommy's birthday. 

This is me. What I'm gonna look like for picture day. 

This is my polka-dotted dot marker picture. It's with black, blue, yellow and pink and purple

This is Mat Man. On the other side, there was supposed to be a picture of me. I learned about Mat Man in preschool at circle time. He has one nose, two eyes, one mouth, one piece of hair, one head, two hands, two arms, two legs, two feet and one heart.

This is a girl pirate captain. She has blue hair, blue pants, purple shirt, black hat, tan skin, and blue dress. That's all. 

This is a girl. I didn't finish this picture but she's in night and day. She's stepping into the day world. She used to live in the night world but now she's stepping into the day world because she was dying in the night world. I made her in collage.

This is me. Sabrina. I painted it at preschool. There's supposed to be another one like this one but the other one is me and Celia under a rainbow but it's just like this one. (It's earlier in this long post.)

This is my hands. I did it at the circle table at preschool. It's about the kissing hands. Do you like the bracelets I drew? Do you like the hearts I drew and the nail polish and the kisses?

This is a mermaid. She's on a stone. Those red things are fishies. And that thing that's hiding in the blue is, um, I forgot what it's called (me: a sea anemone?). Yeah, a sea anemone.

This is the ice cream pony I made for mommy on her birthday. She always gives people ice cream on their birthdays for their birthday parties.

This is a fairy I made from me and Celia's copy book.

That white person is the angel. The blue and purple person is Mary. The green person is Joseph. And the smallest one is baby Jesus and that yellow thing is the star. 

The green one is Tinkerbell. The pink one is Rosetta. The purple on is Vidia. And the two grey ones are the storm talent fairies. And the blue one is Silvermist. The yellow one is Iridessa. And the orange one is Fawn. 

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