Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

From my phone

We got our smart phones about a month ago.  Since it allows me to be freely connected wherever I am, I have spent a lot less time on the computer.  Because of that, I've found that everything is documented on my phone.  And I love my phone.  So here's what you missed this past month.
The first picture taken with my phone.  In the mall.

Celia enjoying some cookie decorating.

Sabrina figured out she can scoot Celia's stool anywhere.  This means I find her in lots if places she shouldn't be

My Rembrandt Celia.  Beautiful.

My two favorite pictures of Sabrina ever.  Isn't she cute?

Watching a movie and eating a flashlight...?

Sabrina getting comfortable during dinner.

Playing with Daddy.  I love Sabrina's face in this one.

Celia coloring in her nice gloves.

The creepiest picture of Celia ever taken.

Sabrina is starting to get very opinionated.  She insisted I put this hat on her before she took a nap.

Sabrina utilizing that bathroom stool again to take all the toothpastes out of the drawer and throw them in the sink.

And here's how I found Celia during her nap the other day. This is how she usually sleeps.

We've gotten a ton of snow. The girls really thought it was funny how Tom had to walk sideways to push the cart to the car.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sabrina's Teeth!

Yes, it took her over a year to finally cut those babies through, but they're coming in fast now. She got her first tooth on Saturday, October 22. Bottom middle? Nope. Top middle on the right side. She got her second tooth on Sunday, October 30. The other top middle? Nope. Bottom middle? Nope. Top right side. The other top middle tooth just broke through Tuesday, November 8. The bottom 2 and other top side teeth are all pretty close. I remember a photo shoot very similar to this one trying to capture Celia's first tooth. Here's the best I could do of those first two teeth of Sabrina. Taken on November 4th when there were only two.
Then Celia had to show us that she's a big girl so she has lots of teeth.
At this angle, they actually look like sisters. Such a great angle for both of them.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Celia: A princess

Now that Halloween is over, Celia has informed us that she is no longer Rapunzel, "just Celia." Although her friend is over and they're being princesses. Celia said: "I'm a princess, and my name is Hot Cheek." Then she changed it to "hot elbow" and the game continues...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: Alaska Style

Yesterday, the girls carved a pumpkin. And then played with it. Celia drew the face on and daddy helped carve it. She wanted ovals for eyes, a diamond for a nose, and lots of diamonds for a mouth. Tom got out our Dremel during naptime and did a pumpkin of his own (the lens was foggy in this picture, so it looks like an 80s throw-back. I like it.)
Then, in a minor blizzard, we went to the Church's trunk or treat event where adults bundled up in trunks and handed out candy to all the crazy kids willing to walk in the blizzard to get it. We got in and out of there in 20 minutes with a full pumpkin of candy. That's the way to do it. Fun time had by all. And yes, Rapunzel in Alaska wears snow boots, mittens, three pairs of pants and two shirts and a sweatshirt under her dress. You just can't tell in the movie.

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