Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Caleb: Five Months

Caleb spent his lunarversary (what Tom and I named month-versaries when we first got married) camping at a cabin (will blog trips later... probably in the fall, as usual).  But the highlight of Caleb's month was meeting Santa on July 4th in North Pole, Alaska, at Santa's House.  He really liked Santa.  Caleb is still a real chill baby.  He doesn't like to be left alone still, but if he's got something to do, he's happy.  He very meticulously plays with his toys.  He's never fully grabbed anything randomly.  He takes his hand very methodically and finds what he wants and then he explores it very gently with his fingers, sometimes pinching a part of it with just his two fingers.  He has rolled over this month, but only a couple of times.  Not because he can't, but because he rolls to the side until he finds something to look at, and then he just hangs out.  He loved being on the blanket at the cabin watching the tall grass blow above him.  He stayed there for nearly two hours.  He still nurses every four hours and eats for about 15-20 minutes except his last feeding before bed which is about 35 minutes.  Sleeping is still a bit unpredictable.  He sleeps from about 8:30 until about 8:30, but sometimes I have to feed him at 3ish and 6ish and other times, just the 6ish feeding.  He takes two naps during the day.  The first one is usually from about 11-12 and the second one is usually from about 2:30-4 or 5.  He still sucks his thumb a lot.  And he's pretty easy going.  He had to have a testicular ultrasound this month to find his undescended testicle (shhhh... don't tell him I told you).  He fell asleep before it and I just set him on the table.  He woke up and just looked at the lady super calmly the whole time.  He did pee all over his clothes and got to go home naked (only like the 5th time he's peed without his diaper on).  He talks a bit more now and still laughs when tickled (super ticklish).  I also taught him how to do "kisses" this week.  He just opens his mouth and leans into my cheek.  He's adorable.

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