Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sabrina's silly

My conversation with Sabrina just now:

S: I have an owie on my finger!
Me: Come here, can I see it?
S:  I have an owie on my finger and that's why I need a band-aid.
Me: Let me see it.
(She examines all of her fingers.)
S: Well, there's a little owie on my finger and I need a band-aid.
Me: Is it bleeding?
S: Yeah.
Me: Where?
S: (Holding up her middle finger).  It's right here.
Me: Oh, poor girl, can I kiss it better?
S: Yeah.  (I kiss the finger she's holding up.)  It's not on that finger.
Me: Oh, where is it?
S: Well, it doesn't hurt, so I want to just go out there.  (She leaves.)

Reading it, it wasn't quite as funny as the situation.  She came in so set on that bandaid and complaining like she was in major pain.  So when she gave up by saying it didn't hurt, it was hilarious.  She also asked me this morning at breakfast: "Can I eat my blueberries with my fingers?"  I said yes and then she asked "Can I eat my bananas with my fingers, too?"  I don't know when she got so polite (or so hesitant to eat anything with her fingers since she usually sticks her fingers in her soups without asking).

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