Sunday, April 6, 2014

Caleb at Two Months

Caleb was blessed two weeks ago when Nana and Papa were in town.  We took a few pictures in the hallway of Church, but didn't get around to his "blessing outfit photo shoot" until this week.  He cried and cried before his blessing and calmed down just a minute before the actual blessing.  Caleb rocked his photo shoot giving us sleeping smiles, his signature yawn pose, and overall just looked adorable. Though he decided to do other cute things when he wasn't perfectly situated.  He decided to adjust his bowtie when he had a binky in his mouth.  And the only full-mouth awake smile he gave us was after we took off his bowtie and suspenders to put him to bed.  But isn't he adorable?  And yes, we needed to post so many pictures of basically the same thing.  

Caleb's two month update:  We don't have stats yet as he doesn't go to the doctor until Tuesday, but he's wearing 3-month clothes pretty solidly.  He is smiling more now, but he still makes us work for it.  He rarely smiles just because.  You have to be totally engaged and talking to him.  Just this week, he's started talking a bit.  It's really funny because he has only done it a few times, and he works so hard.  He gets all worked up and then makes a tiny little cooing noise.  His cry is getting louder, but it's still a much higher-pitched, cat-like newborn cry than the girls ever had (they were screamers).  When Caleb was first born, he smelled like hot chocolate... majorly.  I always thought someone brought hot chocolate into the room, but then I realized it was Caleb (which disproves my theory that "newborn scent" is nothing but the smell of Tuck's pads and Dermaplast). I still can catch the faint scent periodically, but it's much more rare and much less strong.  Also since Caleb was born, he gets the hiccups after every single feeding.  That is still true mostly.  Luckily, he rarely gets them after his night feeding.  Caleb eats during the day around 9, 1, 5, and 9.  I usually feed him during the night sometime between 4 and 6.  He usually takes two solid naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  After his 5pm feeding, he usually just dozes for a bit in the bouncer, but stays awake for most of that time.  He seems okay with his sisters, though he mostly looks at them super blinky-eyed defending himself from getting hair in his eyes while being kissed incessantly.  Caleb isn't super chill.  He doesn't like to be left, and if you're holding him, he likes a change every few minutes.  But he's also super consolable.  Change positions and he calms right down.  He used to be attacked with gas periodically, but now that I'm no longer on antibiotics, that seems to have passed and he's a much calmer baby.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celia's Sixth Birthday

Our big girl Celia turned six this month. To celebrate, she had an animal themed birthday with her friends Gabby, Sophie, and Sophia. She invited some kids from school, but none of them showed up, so it was a nice little party with all people we know. They ate snacks, combining all sorts of fruits and vegetables and making up names for them. A sandwich of cheese and crackers was quite inventive. But then grapes on a celery stick was named a bobsled, and the inventive hilarity continued. They played the same "feed the elephant" game we've been playing for years now (apparently a family favorite), which somehow turned into some game of crawling over each other on the stairs yelling "don't tell me I'm almost there!" Six-year-olds are hilarious. They made special clay pens (a project introduced by Nana) which was a big hit with everyone. Celia opened her presents, and the party ended with a game Celia invented called "pass the party hat" with one remaining hat from cousin Hazel's birthday brunch in January. It was basically hot potato with a party hat. They wanted to play it over and over.

For Celia's actual birthday, Nana and Papa were here to celebrate, so we went to see Muppets: Most Wanted. It was a bit old for Sabrina, but Celia says she loved it (though she spent quite a bit of it dancing down our row in the movie theater). Celia is a joy as usual. She is such a reader, and recently, a writer. She just started reading "Matilda" this week, she's working on writing her "thank you" notes all by herself, and she just got "Student of the Month" for the second month this school year. Nana and Papa gave her a bike with training wheels, which she took for a test drive in the driveway and is looking forward to doing again (she's had the flu this week pretty badly). Happy Birthday Celia! We love you!

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