Friday, September 30, 2011

Celia: King Crab

We went to the Grand Re-opening of the Safeway by our house and brought home some free soup.  Celia asked what flavor it was and we told her it was tomato soup with crab in it.  She immediately said:  "Yeah, and the crab has big long legs because it's a King Crab."  We're so proud of our little Alaskan.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Celia + Sabrina: Every Day

Lest you think all we do is have crazy adventures (although that's mostly true), here are some daily life pictures of the girls.  
Celia would spend all day putting on makeup if I let her: 

She is obsessed with Rapunzel, has us call her Rapunzel a lot of the time, and I'm making her a Rapunzel costume for Halloween.  She asked me a hundred times a day if it was done yet until I got her a Rapunzel braid (wig not completed... right now it's just a mullet braid).  Now she spends all day wearing dresses and skirts and her braid.  She pretends to paint on the walls and calls Sabrina Pascal.  We've had to make rules with the braid (ie: no washing the windows with the braid, no wearing the braid whilst eating, etc).  But on the plus side, she doesn't ask about her dress anymore.  

Sabrina still climbs.  Doing any dishes is impossible when she's awake.  She comes crawling in as fast as she can (which is lightning fast) if she hears the dishwasher open.  Then she takes everything she can out.  She likes to stick big toys in the rack and little toys in the soap opening.  She is so frantic about everything she does, I rarely allow her in the dishwasher.  Too scary.  She's always so close to flipping out backwards.  Story of her life.  

One day, Sabrina got her arm out of the sleeve.  She thought it was funny.  She crawled behind the couch so I couldn't see her, I heard some grunting, and then she crawled back out with her arm out.  And this is her: "yeah, I know, I'm cool" face.  We thought it was particularly funny because Celia used to do this daily at this age.  

In other news for the ladies, Celia is still the slowest eater in the universe.  Eating her oatmeal in the morning takes over an hour if we don't remind her to take bites and 45 minutes if we do.  Right now she's singing "Finishing my oatmeal is good for Earth (?)!  Finishing my oatmeal is good for Earth!  I will finish my oatmeal.  But it's not bad for Earth.  It's just good for Earth.  And I'm on Earth actually.  And it's good for Earth.  We're on Earth."  Very melodic.  Very little eating is actually occurring.  And I'm glad she's so eco-conscious, though I'm not sure where she got the idea that finishing her oatmeal is good for earth (is she really aware that wasting is bad for Earth?  Doubt it.  Though maybe...).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Minnesota: The Rest of the Story

We began our trip to MN renting a car for the first time in our lives (we're really adult now, aren't we?). The girls explored the luxurious trunk.

Balo and Celia picked up right where they left off. Their current schtick was looking out the window and yelling "WHOA! A Big Motorhome!"

There were a lot of stories told to lots of children in pajamas both before and after bed times.

We took the obligatory trip to Mall of America. Basically, it was just a giant super crowded mall without any clearance sections. Totally tiring and overrated. However, the kids did get to play a bit at Legoland. Celia met Kanani, the American Girl of the year 2011 at American Girl World and Balo met Cha Cha the frog from Rainforest Cafe.

On Monday when I was at the office, Tom took the girls to the Como Park Gardens and Zoo.

This is Celia demonstrating her ability to stand like a flamingo. This is a skill she learned in her ballet class.

This is Celia pretending to be a Polar Bear. Sabrina thinks it's pretty hilarious.

On the way home, both girls had to prove they could fit in the overhead compartment on the plane.

We had a great time!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Minneapolis: Sculpture Garden

We were in Minneapolis for about 5 days on a business trip. I've been telecommuting to Minnesota for 16 months so it was nice to be in the office for a few days. We saw the sights over the weekend and then I spent Monday and Tuesday in the office and we flew home Wednesday. My favorite thing was the Sculpture Garden. It was a bit foggy and misty when we went, but it was still a fabulous place to romp around. Here are the pictures of us all interacting with the art (and each other):

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picture of the Week

We just got back from Minnesota. My sister's family drove up from Omaha to hang out with us. The kids had a blast. Obviously.

More on MN later...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Denali: In Pictures

At the end of August we took a trip up to Denali. We started our adventure cabin camping in Denali State Park. We stayed two nights facing Denali (Mt. McKinley). Here's where the mountain was supposed to be though we never actually saw it from the cabin:

Denali is notorious for being hidden in the clouds more often than not. They say in the summer it's hidden 2 days out of 3. But, we still enjoyed ourselves doing the usual campy things. Celia also spent a great deal of time having us introduce her in the "microphone" and then she would sing songs with really long names. She's destined to be a lounge singer. Her stage name is CeliaLoeyStock. And of course much of the time camping is spent eating and preparing to eat.

We all spent a lot of time looking for glimpses of the mountain to appear through the clouds. We got rather excited when we saw some peak or dark spot in the clouds that we hadn't seen before.

It was a little chilly in the mornings, but only a little.

We also enjoyed watching the beavers build their lodge and play in the water:

Here are some of the mountains we saw from our cabin. Though they weren't Denali, it was still a gorgeous view:

When the two nights were done, we packed our stuff back out the half mile trail to our car.

Then we continued to drive North to go to Denali National Park. You can hardly drive anywhere in Alaska without seeing a few glaciers along the way, and of course the drive is beautiful throughout.

Here are the girls checking out the pretend moose at the Denali National Park visitor's center, though we would later see plenty of live moose in the park:

We walked some beautiful trails by the visitor's center:

Then we drove into the National Park the 14 miles cars are allowed. (To drive the full 90 mile dirt road you have to take a 12 hour bus ride--we opted against that with the kids) It was gorgeous. Fall colors in all their glory. (Autumn happens in August in Denali, and September in Anchorage)

Celia spent her time in the car being silly:

And at long last...there she is! Denali! From the beginning of the park road Denali is actually pretty small off in the distance, as it is about 100 miles away, but you can still get a sense of its grandeur.

We even saw some moose in their natural habitat (rather than in our yard or crossing the highway).

On the way home we stopped to take a picture of the Alaska Highway landmark: the Igloo. It's for sale for only $500,000! Any entrepreneurs looking to move to Alaska?

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