Friday, May 11, 2012

Celia: More Dreams

Our conversation at breakfast this morning:

Me: Did you have any dreams last night?
C: Yes.
Me: Do you remember any of them?
C:  I remember the one where she had seeds in her and she was starting to turn into a flower.  And we started to put her in our garden.
Me: Then what happened?
C: She was still a flower.  But then the dream stopped.  But actually, that's a dream from when I was three.  I remember when I was riding on Thomas the train and I fell off because it didn't have any seats.
Me: Were you okay?
C: Oh yeah, yeah.  I landed on my feet.  And I landed on the tracks.
Me:  Was it scary?
C:  No.  It wasn't a scary one.  I was looking and looking for you.
Me:  And I wasn't there?
C:  You were.  I think you were in the bathroom.

(Five minute pause - thinking and slowly eating oatmeal)

C:  But I was okay without you.
Me: When you fell off the train?
C:  Yeah.  I didn't cry or anything.

Tom remembers: "I remember a year or two ago, when she was still quite young, I think she tried explaining a dream to me.  As she was explaining it, she was realizing it didn't make any sense and that it didn't really happen.  She was saying things like "and Sophie and Sophia came over, but they didn't really come over..."  I don't remember what all she said, but she was trying to make sense of it as she was telling me, and she ended up just saying something like "no, no nothing, just nothing."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celia: Dream

(A Supermodel shot from Florida)

I've always sort of wondered what Celia's dreams are like since she's never really talked about them.  This morning she kept saying: "In the show that was in my eyes."  So we talked about dreams.  And she said: "Yeah.  That show that was in my eyes."  And here's how it went:

"We were at a party.  It was at a different church in a different gym with a soft floor.  We didn't eat there.  And Michael and Jerry and Jerry Berry were there (To my knowledge, she does not know a Michael or a Jerry).  And we cuddled together.  (I got a little nervous here and asked who cuddled together: "Celia and you, Mommy" - phew).  And after we cuddled together, the party was all done."

Sounds like a terrible party.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sabrina: Words

Sabrina is still not talking much, but it's more everyday.  Her current favorites are:
"Poopy" - This means anything that is "yucky."  Like oatmeal on her bibby.  Or actually poopies in her diaper.  Or a pencil mark on the table.
"Hee-ya-go" - She uses this one constantly.  If she hands you something, she says "hee-ya-go."  If she wants Celia to give up what she's playing with and give it to Sabrina, Sabrina will point to it and say: "hee-ya-go."
"AYE!" - It has to be high-pitched and loud and then it means "Super Why!"
"Aye" - not high pitched or loud - means Airplane.
"Gok!" - This means "Look!"  Or Sour Cream.
"Bee-Bee" - Means Binky, Bibby, or Baby (figure it out in context).
"Pees!" - Means peas, please, or give me!
She has mastered Mommy, Daddy, Doggie, No, and can say a few names: Babo (Balo), Ai-son (Allyson), Sees (Celia)

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