Friday, May 26, 2017

Kids' Art From the Whole Schoolyear

We used to be so good at scanning and documenting art periodically. Well, life has caught up with us and since we haven't even finished documenting our travels of last summer and it's summer again... you get the picture... Buckle up... 

I'll start with Caleb's since he only has one paper (both sides). Most of his artwork gets cut up immediately into tiny pieces (he's super into cutting right now). He's also obsessed with letters, so you can see his art is very geometric/letter based. 
Caleb's Captions: "Something looks like Os" (top). "That looks like Os, too! - Where are the other pictures I drawed?" I said: "you cut them all up. These are the only ones you didn't cut." His response: "Awww. I will go draw another picture you can put on your computer."

I also LOVE when my kids get along (the dream of every parent). This past year, Celia drew an entire activity book for Sabrina to complete. It was awesome. Here is a selection of three of the completed pages:

Now Sabrina's work from her Kindergarten year. Here is her artwork from the year, captioned by her:
It's a rainbow that I drew at school with me under it. 

That's Ariel, Flounder (on the right) and Sebastian (bottom left corner).

That's a shining star.

That's Tweek and Sandy in Octonauts. Sandy is Tweek's friend turtle.

That's me and Celia jumping on the trampoline at Nana and Papa's house. Those dotted things are raspberries. I drew that at art. 

That's a birdhouse with a bluebird on top of it.

That's Rapunzel and Pascal.

That's Ariel again.

That's me on a sled bumping into a Christmas tree. I used stencils to draw this.

That's an owl sitting on a branch and I used stencils with this.

These are two flags: The Big Dipper, the Alaska flag and that's the red, white, and blue flag of the United States.

That's a Christmas tree.

That's Buttercup, a fairy. She's a buttercup fairy.

That's Holly, the Christmas fairy. 

That's Caleb me, and Mommy. 

That's my shirt design. At school, we were supposed to make a shirt about where our people in our family were born. At the top is what I like to do here: going bike-riding, flying on an airplane and fishing.

That's a story about foxes. "Once there was a fox. She only had a husband. One day, she had kits, all girls. She named them Kady, Emma, and Sabrina and lived happily ever after. The End." Everybody admits that I'm the best drawer in the class.

This is me as a dinosaur called the Sabrinaasaurus. I'm a flier. 

That's Olaf, a penguin controlling a flying airplane. Celia, a mouse, and a snake. There's Caleb jumping on a trampoline and Daddy, Mommy, me, and a seal. 

This is a book called "Fairies and Elves"
This is a water fairy and a sun fairy.

These are an animal fairy and a tinker fairy.

That's a fast-flier and a hunter.

These are the elves. That's a fire elf, Asari - I couldn't get the whole thing on it. That's an air elf, Aria. 

That's a water elf named Nida and an Earth elf named Farin. 

Now we're moving on to Celia's art for the year. She just finished up 3rd grade and these are captioned by her as well:
We were studying different kinds of legs at school and we watched this video of a lion walking and then we had to draw Quadruped leg bones. It was fun to draw them. 

Like I said, we were studying legs at school and we had to draw a picture of biped leg bones and I kinda messed up on the foot, but it still looks fine. I kind of drew a few of the bones in the wrong spot.

At school we had to write an elf story and draw a picture of an elf and I chose to name mine Violet and I think I went a bit overboard designing the planet they live on--basically their world. You see some of their world farther down (called Elfius a few pictures down). The writing below also goes with the picture. You can see that it's the back of the picture. 

This is my "We-Go Hero" self. The We-Go Heroes is something that my Trusty side of the family made up and it's getting very big and old. Well, maybe not. It is technically a bunch of superheroes where everybody gets to make up what their powers are, what their superhero name is... all that stuff. My We-Go Hero name is Summer Party. You can maybe read the words but if you can't, some of my powers are: camouflaging myself, shooting glitter and temporarily blinding people. 

This is Elfius, the home of the Elves.

These are the kinds of elves. There are also specialty elves which are very rare. And the season specialties are below. 

These are the season specialty elves. They are sisters and, as you can see, they are very playful. Most specialties have pets that they were found with. 

This is basically Violet's timeline. 

This is not quite done and you might see that there's something weird on the bottom, but we have no idea what that is. This is an unfinished picture of my family. The girl is me and the boy is Caleb.

This is something that we did in school. We made them in art and they were supposed to have a 3-D effect. 

This is basically a script from a play that we were supposed to do on Christmas but we never got around to doing. I wrote it. It is supposed to be the nativity scene with a few tweaks. 

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